4 Elements

4 Elements

4 Elements is a greatly developed intelligent puzzle game
3.8  (45 votes)

4 Elements is one of the games developed by Big Fish Games. Games developed by Big Fish Games have a common interface from which we can manage all the games from Big Fish Games that we have currently installed in the computer.
4 Elements is a greatly developed puzzle game. 4 Elements is an intelligent mixture of different puzzle games spiced with a great story which enhances the gamer experience. To be honest I must say that at first I thought this game was going to be another gem breaking game, and in fact it has much of this. Nevertheless it has some exciting features that hook the gamer on playing to go on with the story and unveil new secrets.
Talking about the quality of the game in terms of development, the game is superb. Graphics are beautiful and music and sound effects help a lot to create a great experience.
4 Elements is a full featured time limited demo. We can play this game for an hour of time, when time runs out we'll have to purchase the game. In the Big Fish Games common interface we can see demo time left and also we can find a link to purchase a license.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Beautiful graphics and sound effects
  • Great story


  • We have to wait for a long time to download the game
  • Highly addictive!
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